Death Comes to the Costa del Sol

M. H. Eccleston

April 2022 Crime Fiction

Represented by Thérèse Coen

Amateur sleuth Astrid Swift swaps the sporting summer in England for a British expat enclave in Spain, where everyone has a secret reason for leaving the UK.

The sunniest days, the deadliest nights.

Amidst the sun and sangria, something sinister is lurking on the Spanish coast. Usually a sleepy seaside enclave, Estopena has instead found itself rattled by a poison-pen campaign that is teasing out its residents’ secrets on social media.

Astrid Swift sailed to the sunny beaches with the intention of reconnecting with her estranged father. Instead of an emotional reunion, though, she’s been tasked with catching who’s been threatening his new wife. Soon Astrid is entwined in the lives of these expats, from the boozy local heckler to the socially awkward beachcomber.

But can she find the internet troll before it’s too late for the town? Or will each revealed secret tear this cosy community – including Astrid and her father – even further apart?