Death at Whitewater Church

Andrea Carter

September 2015 Finished copies available Crime Fiction

The first in a series of compelling mysteries set in a small town in the remote Inishowen Peninsula in Ireland.

When a skeleton wrapped in a blanket is discovered in the hidden crypt of a deconsecrated church, everyone is convinced the bones must be those of Conor Devitt, a local man who went missing on his wedding day six years previously. But the postmortem reveals otherwise.

Solicitor Benedicta “Ben” O’Keeffe is acting for the owners of the church, and although an unwelcome face from her past initially makes her reluctant to get involved, when Conor’s brother dies in strange circumstances shortly after coming to see her, she finds herself drawn into the mystery. Whose skeleton is in the crypt and how did it get there? Is Conor Devitt still alive, and if so, is there a link? What happened on the morning of his wedding that could have led to his disappearance?

Negotiating between the official investigation, headed by the handsome but surly Sergeant Tom Molloy, and obstructive locals with secrets of their own, Ben unravels layers of personal and political history to get to the truth of what happened six years before.



“Hugely enjoyable…”  – The Irish Independent

“… she’ll go far” – The Times of London