Break the Internet

In Pursuit of Influence

Olivia Yallop

Proposal in English Journalism, Pop Culture

This wide ranging narrative presents a deep investigative dive into the world of Influencers, that overlooked and underestimated group of digital pioneers who have moved from selfie-takers to change-makers.

If you’re not a follower, fan, stan or subscriber, you’re increasingly in the minority. Influencers have officially captured the minds, and clicks, of the modern digital world. The book combines personal stories and insights with primary research from an array of industry contacts, influencers, and the cast of hidden characters that stand behind them – from managers to ‘Instagram husbands’.

Under the Influence is one of the first full-length works of narrative nonfiction to explore the social media influencer phenomenon. It engages critically with the new wave of social media celebrity and explores how it’s shaped by, and shaping, the development of popular culture in today’s social media-driven world.