Among The Trolls

Notes From The Disinformation Wars

Marianna Spring


Why do otherwise intelligent people believe that Covid vaccines contain microscopic computer chips? How did the idea that the US election was rigged become mainstream? Is Westminster being run by a shadowy collective of ‘deep-state’ operatives?

Every day, Marianna Spring investigates the murky world of conspiracy theories and trolling online. In this gripping book, she takes the reader down the rabbit hole to explore why falsehoods spread and why so many are drawn into their net, drawing on her experience on the frontline of online disinformation.

From the bystanders who unwittingly become conspiracy posterchildren, to the trolls who abuse her online, Marianna meets the real people behind the social media accounts. Shocking, witty, and incredibly timely, this is a powerful insight into one of the most sinister threats in modern society.

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