Miklós Vámos

Miklós Vámos is a Hungarian writer, who has published 28 books. He has written short stories, plays and film scripts, but as the author of eleven novels, he feels that he was born to be a novelist. And since he was born in 1950, he originally planned to die in 2000, so that students all over the world could memorize easily from the textbooks: M. V., famous Hungarian writer, Nobel Laureate, 1950—2000. He now has a new plan: not dying until 2050 – quite a challenge. Until that date he wants to add some more novels to the bookshelves.

He believes life is far more interesting than literature, so he always writes about the life of different people, including himself. His main activity is observing how human beings behave when they are not alone but in groups (couple, family, work site, tribe, nation, man kind). The sales of his books are sky rocketing in Hungary and must now be measured in the hundreds of thousands – he doesn’t understand why. He is probably one of the most popular men in his country, due not only to his extremely large readership, but also to a cultural television show that he hosted for seven years.  

The father of a daughter named Anna (1977) and of twin boys, Peter and Henrik (2003), he lives on the banks of the Danube River, upon which he likes to row and in which he likes to swim. His (second) wife is an opera singer (bold soprano) and also a novelist. Their dog is an Austrian poet called Rainer Maria Rilke, but they almost never talk to the dog about poetry. 

Miklos is, has been or was:   l969-present: writer of 11 novels, 67 short stories, and a few plays.  Beneficiary of many prestigious awards in Hungary, but he doesn’t care. 2005-present: correspondent to PostGlobal of The Washington Post online. 1995-2002: Host of popular cultural TV talk shows in Hungary 1990-2002: East European correspondent to The Nation (USA). 1975-1990: Literary consultant at the Objective Film Studio (Budapest) that produced the Oscar winning Hungarian film Mephisto. 1988-89: Fulbright and CASTA Fellow at Yale University and at City University of N.Y. 1988-90: Visiting professor at Yale University (USA), teaching playwriting and screenwriting. 1975-88: Columnist of the Élet és Irodalom (“Life and Literature”, literary weekly, Budapest).   He holds a degree in Law of the ELTE University Budapest (1975).  

His novel Book of Fathers, “Apák könyve,” (published in Hungarian in 2000), came out in Germany (Random House btb), France (Denoel), UK (Little Brown), Canada (Little Brown), Serbia (Laguna), and Italy (Einaudi). It will come out in 2008 in Spain (Lumen), Netherlands (Contact), Greece (Mallinaris Paedia), Poland (Albatros), Lithuania (Alma Littera), and Israel (Kinneret).

His last novel, Travels in Erotica – Who the Hell is Goethe, “Utazások Erotikában – Ki a franc az a Goethe?,” published in Hungarian on October 1st 2007, will come out in 2008 in Germany (Random House btb).

Books by Miklós Vámos