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On the Up

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Alice O’Keeffe

Praise for “On The Up”


Following its publication in November 2019, Alice O’Keeffe’s debut novel has received an abundance of rave reviews.  Warm, witty and brilliantly observed, On the Up is about relationships and community, finding a way through the tough times, and figuring out what’s really worth fighting for.  A selection of our favourite reviews are included below.


On The Up is a gem of a novel that holds up a mirror to the way we live now.’

– Red Magazine

‘A poignant tale of modern family life.’

– Woman & Home

‘A warm-hearted and entertaining debut, On the Up continues the trend for ‘up lit’ novels about the benefits of close-knit neighbourhoods.’

– Guardian Books

‘Alice O’Keeffe’s funny and compassionate debut novel shows a deep understanding of contemporary urban life, and covers themes of dependence, parenthood, post-natal depression, social housing and the wealth divide.’

– New Statesman

On The Up describes a life which many thirty-somethings struggling with negotiating the adult world of parenting and finances will recognise.’

– i Newspaper