Oprah and Dr. Mukwege on Zoom side by side. Oprah is holding up a copy of The Power of Women and Dr. Mukwege is smiling.

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The Power of Women

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Denis Mukwege

Oprah: Dr. Denis Mukwege is ‘the true embodiment of courage’

The Power of Women, a powerful and compelling book by Nobel laureate Dr. Denis Mukwege, was released in the UK with Short Books on 2 November 2021.

Ahead of the publication, Oprah interviewed Dr. Mukwege on Oprah Daily: ‘When I think of Dr. Mukwege and all those survivors, I am just in awe of their courage. Their courage arms and nourishes me – obliges me to live my own life with strength and bravery. And you will feel the same if you actually read this book. To not be daunted by the challenges that our comfortable lives throw our way. To stand up for those who can’t find their voices, or whose voices have been silenced, I’d like you to think about it this week.’

Watch Dr. Mukwege and Oprah’s conversation here.