“Older But Better, But Older” — an amazing start


Older But Better, But Older, the new offering from Caroline de Maigret and Sophie Mas who first brought us the bestseller How To Be Parisian, is now available to buy in the UK.  Since its publication on 2nd January, it has attracted glowing press reviews, a selection of which are included below.   Félicitations!


‘Older, But Better, But Older is a book to read late at night in one go and then buy for your girlfriends. Peppered with inspirational quotes and comedic anecdotes, it is soulful truth-telling with a wink and a prayer… a deep dive into the bittersweet angst that comes with experience, resonating deeply with those of us reverberating in the in-between.’

British Vogue

‘Tackles the art of aging with a healthy dose of humour and aplomb.’


‘Relatable insights… The book explores the surprises, good and bad, of growing older.’

– Harper’s Bazaar

‘Cool, chic, smart, sexy.’

The Times Magazine

‘Older is its own Pandora’s Box, a treatise on freedom, self-knowledge…  A nuanced compilation of quips, musings, digressions, pep talks, and commiserations about the pros and cons of aging.’

– Vogue US