J.M. Coetzee Recommends Peter Singer’s “Why Vegan?”


Nobel Prize winner JM Coetzee has delivered this praise for Peter Singer’s forthcoming collection of essays:

“The argument is short, simple, and irrefutable; the supporting detail – what is done to animals in the course of turning them into food for human beings – is profoundly upsetting. Whoever is not persuaded by these essays of Peter Singer’s does not have ears to hear.”

In Why Vegan?, Peter Singer, one of the greatest moral philosophers of our time, brings together the most consequential essays of his career to make a case against our failure to confront what we are doing to animals, to public health, and to our planet.

Why Vegan? is forthcoming from W.W. Norton on October 13th, 2020.

On behalf of Kathy Robbins and The Robbins Office.