Happy UK publication day to Susan Spindler and Fabrice Midal!


Congratulations to Susan Spindler, whose debut novel Surrogate is published today by Virago. After multiple rounds of failed IVF, Ruth volunteers to carry her daughter’s baby. At first Ruth is buoyed by a new sense of purpose, but as her pregnancy progresses, long-buried events from the past resurface. What began as an act of altruism turns into one of atonement – for which she’s willing to risk everything. Early praise has been raining in- Rachel Joyce described it as ‘a brilliantly structured, fast-paced and addictively compelling read.’

The Three Minute Philosopher by Fabrice Midal is also released today in the UK with Orion Spring. In this witty book of essays, Fabrice guides the reader through the inspirational ideas of forty writers, artists, thinkers and seers from Baudelaire to Wittgenstein, Pablo Picasso to James Baldwin. Each essay in this international bestseller offers three minutes of calm and encourages us to look within and think for ourselves.