Marc Levy

From Oslo to Kyiv, Madrid to Rome, this is the story of 9 cyber outlaws working in cohorts, behind the scenes, to tackle corruption at the highest echelons of international power. At a time when the very notion of truth is under attack, and democracies are being sabotaged, these 9 hackers take on Bi …

Another Mother

Susan Spindler

“Moving and exciting and moral – immensely intelligent.” — Tessa Hadley Ruth Furnival is a successful television executive with a perfect life: a nice house in London, a lawyer husband and two grown-up daughters. But at 55, with an empty nest and menopause behind her, she feels restless. After multi …


Marc Levy

In a wild and terrifying chase through the streets, of Oslo, Madrid, Paris, Istanbul and London…The nine are on a mission. Gripping and immersive, this thriller exposes some of the most insidious threats our time… Big Pharma, Big Data, Money Laundering… Our democracies are being sabotaged, and our v …

The 7 Lives of Léo Belami

Nataël Trapp

Leo is a solitary 17 year old who suddenly begins awakening each morning in someone else’s body, 30 years in the past. Each day he encounters Jessica Stein, a girl whose murder 30 years ago was never solved. Will Leo finally find the culprit?

The Only Girl in the World

Maude Julien

In her parents’ quest to turn her into the ultimate survivor, Maude Julien endured endless “drills” to eliminate weakness and a childhood in isolation, devoid of any affection. When an outsider finally managed to penetrate her family's paranoid world, Maude seized her opportunity.