Same Player Shoots Again

Antoine Audouard

This is the unusual memoir of a stroke survivor who never lost his sense of humor - even while in a coma. It is a celebration of love, friendship, and universal healthcare; a joyous exploration of silver linings and the therapeutic benefits of The Beatles.

The Only Girl in the World

Maude Julien

In her parents’ quest to turn her into the ultimate survivor, Maude Julien endured endless “drills” to eliminate weakness and a childhood in isolation, devoid of any affection. When an outsider finally managed to penetrate her family's paranoid world, Maude seized her opportunity.

Clara’s War

Clara Kramer

A gripping, intimate portrait of the best and worst of human nature, Clara’s War is a harrowing story of survival and heroism from the most unlikely of places.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali survived a childhood as a refugee fleeing her home country of Somalia, and after escaping to Holland to avoid an arranged marriage, she rose to prominence, serving in the Dutch Parliament. Infidel is her story.