Night Came with Many Stars

Simon Van Booy

Based on the collected stories of one extended family in Grayson County, Kentucky is the epic saga of one family's struggle to survive in the rural United States over 100 years.

Another Mother

Susan Spindler

“Moving and exciting and moral – immensely intelligent.” — Tessa Hadley Ruth Furnival is a successful television executive with a perfect life: a nice house in London, a lawyer husband and two grown-up daughters. But at 55, with an empty nest and menopause behind her, she feels restless. After multi …

On the Up

Alice O'Keeffe

Sylvia lives in a flat on a council estate with her not-quite-husband Obe and their two young children. She dreams of buying a house on a leafy street like the one she grew up in. If she closes her eyes, she can see it all so clearly: the stripped floorboards, the wisteria growing around the door… I …

A Woman in the Dark

Raphael Montes

At the age of 4, Victoria Bravo was the sole survivor of her family’s brutal murder. Now a shy, solitary young woman, Victoria is forced to face her own personal tragedy and embark on a voyage that throws open her darkest recesses.


Louisa Hall

Robert Oppenheimer was a brilliant scientist who helped create the atomic bomb before lobbying against nuclear proliferation. In this book, the contradictions and mysteries of his life are examined through the lense of a set of characters who bear witness to his life.


Baptiste Touverey

Amidst the decadence and instability of Constantinople, two rebel soldiers are on a mission fraught with mystery to overthrow the Usurper. But to become the new emperors, they not only need to win a battle, they must also win a young woman's heart.

The Last of Our Kind

Adélaïde de Clermont-Tonnerre

Werner Zilch was young and dashing, hungry for recognition and success. Adopted as an infant, he knows nothing of his family. But when he meets Rebecca and falls madly in love, he risks losing her unless he uncovers the truth of his past.

Invincible Summer

Alice Adams

Over two decades, four college friends navigate credit crunches and monogamy, broken hearts and thwarted dreams. INVINCIBLE SUMMER is a story about growing up and discovering that although life doesn't always turn out as expected, friendship can give you the strength to make it through.

Mr. Peanut

Adam Ross

David Pepin has been in love with his wife, Alice, since the moment they met. After thirteen years of marriage, he still can't imagine a happy life without her – yet he obsessively contemplates her demise. Soon she is dead, and David is the prime suspect.

Clara’s War

Clara Kramer

A gripping, intimate portrait of the best and worst of human nature, Clara’s War is a harrowing story of survival and heroism from the most unlikely of places.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali survived a childhood as a refugee fleeing her home country of Somalia, and after escaping to Holland to avoid an arranged marriage, she rose to prominence, serving in the Dutch Parliament. Infidel is her story.