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The Body Falls

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Andrea Carter

Andrea Carter’s ‘The Body Falls’ is published by Little, Brown


Huge congratulations to Andrea Carter, whose hotly anticipated The Body Falls hits the shelves today!  Published by Little, Brown in the UK, The Body Falls picks up as Ben O’Keeffe returns to Inishowen after a six-month stint working abroad.  Shortly after, sudden torrential rain and flooding means all bridges and roads into the town are closed, leaving Inishowen completely isolated.  When a body is found in the middle of the night, Inishowen’s residents know that a killer is trapped among them.

Below, we’ve included a selection of the superb reviews that The Body Falls has already stacked up.


Her best yet…  Andrea conjures up a phenomenal sense of place.  She is such an assured, stylish writer and The Body Falls is remarkably gripping.’

– Jo Spain

‘Tense, atmospheric – it grips the reader ever tighter as the mystery deepens.’

– Brian McGilloway

‘Starting a new Inishowen novel is like settling in for a gossip with a really good friend. Ben O’Keeffe is a totally engaging main character and her adventures are as convincing as they are gripping. The Body Falls is a hugely entertaining small-town mystery with a very satisfying resolution; I can’t wait to read the next in the series.’

Jane Casey