Amazing early reviews coming from the States for Louisa Hall’s Trinity


Louisa Hall’s Trinity is receiving great early reviews in the US, where it will be published by Ecco on October 16th.

Trinity is published in the UK by Corsair on the 1st of November.

“With war, McCarthyism, and nuclear proliferation as backdrop, Hall’s observers paint a picture of not just one man but of humanity. What are the secrets we keep? What price will we pay to keep them? Can anyone truly know another human being?”


“Through her invented narrators, she explores themes of guilt and betrayal as well as the fallout from lies and self-delusion—in the process bringing Oppenheimer, an often aloof, conflicted man, to vivid life…Lushly written, this is an ambitious, unsettling novel that takes on big issues in a passionate, personal way.”


“Hall (Speak) excels at creating distinct characters whose voices illuminate their own lives and challenges, as well as the historical period that saw Oppenheimer’s fall from grace. Taken together, they only burnish the endlessly fascinating enigma of the flawed genius who became known as the father of the atomic bomb.

-Publishers Weekly