Established in 2007, the London office is run by Kerry Glencorse. She represents a diverse list of fiction and non-fiction authors, in addition to looking after the agency’s clients in the UK and Australia. She is always on the look out for new talent and interesting stories. Please see her page for more information on what she is looking for, and the submissions page for details on how to submit.

We’re a boutique agency with international reach, and aim to offer our clients the best of both worlds: the time and personal attention that a small list affords, with the benefits of having agents on the ground in North America and Europe. We handle film and TV rights directly, or via a co-agent where appropriate, and a number of our projects have been optioned for both the big and small screen. We have a strong focus on all rights sales, and the whole SLA team works together to ensure that projects are sold as widely as possible.

We are members of the Association of Authors Agents.