Fiction | 368 | March 2018 | Primary agent: David Godwin Associates | Author photo: ©Jonathan Ring

  • "Aminatta Forna expertly weaves her characters' stories, past and present, in and out of the larger story of London, which becomes as rich a character as the human beings and, indeed, the foxes; and she makes us care deeply about them all, the foxes, the people and the city.
    A terrific novel."
    -Salman Rushdie

London. A fox makes its way across Waterloo Bridge. The distraction causes two pedestrians to collide - Jean, an American studying the habits of urban foxes, and Attila, a Ghanaian psychiatrist. From this chance encounter in the midst of the rush of a great city lie numerous moments of connection.
Attila has arrived in London to deliver a speech and to contact Ama, the daughter of friends, who hasn't called home in a while. Ama has been swept up in an immigration crackdown, and now her young son Tano is missing. When Attila runs into Jean again, she mobilizes the network of rubbish men she uses as volunteer fox spotters to search for the boy. Security guards, hotel doormen and traffic wardens come together to help. As the search for the boy continues, a deepening friendship between Attila and Jean unfolds. In this tale of love and loss, of cruelty and kindness, we are asked toconsider the interconnectedness of lives, our co-existence with one another and all living creatures, and the true nature of happiness.  

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  • Holland: Nieuw Amsterdam