Fugitive parce que reine

Literary Fiction | 250 pages | January 2018 | French copies available | Author photo: ©(c) Beowulf Sheehan

  • "I'd hesitate to describe my lovers as men. Not out of ambivalence about my sexual orientation (decidedly straight: I like coercive sex, abrasive cheeks, pungent smells, the way they size you up and take up too much space inside, hands over yours), but rather because men belonged to her. Men were my mother's domain. Even if some of her conquests were closer to my age than hers, and vice-versa, I never graduated from boys." 

A portrait of a beautiful, passionate, and mercurial Parisian woman.

Huisman's striking and assured prose reveals the layers of a singular heroine- mother, lover, frontline feminist - in a literary novel that is by turns shrewd, heartbreaking, and bitingly funny. A stunning debut.

Rights sold

  • France: Gallimard
  • Germany: Fischer
  • Holland: De Geus
  • Italy: Bompiani
  • Spain: Hoja de Lata