The Truth About Money, Power, Beauty, Fame, and Sex

200 pages | September 2017 | Author photo: ©John Nollet

  • If only I were more beautiful, rich, powerful, famous, and had lots of sex. I would be happy at last (or not)!

In Malene Rydahl's bestseller Happy as a Dane, winner of France's "most
optimistic book of the year" award, Rydahl shared the secrets of what the
Danish model can teach us about happiness by exploring how we all can live
better, more purposeful lives.

The Illusions of Happiness widens the scope to examine our endless quest for
happiness and the many illusions that often get in the way of true contentment.

Backed by research, statistics, and stories from real life, The Illusions of
explores some of the surprising and nefarious side effects of
money, power, beauty, fame, and sex, and looks at how we might better avoid
disillusionment to find our own true path to happiness.

Rights sold

  • France: Flammarion