350 pages | September 2016 | copies in French | Ombres Noires |

  • A baby and her mother disappear from a Bordeaux hospital leaving Commissaire Marion's team with their most riveting case yet.

Bordeaux,  France.  Just   days   before  Christmas,  a  mother  and   her   baby disappear from  their  hospital room.  For this  high-profile case,  riddled with contradictory  clues   and   tracked  by  the   press,  high-ranking  Commissaire Marion is called  in to help  move  the  investigation forward.  Newly assigned is a young  psycho-criminal profiler named Alix de  Clavery.  An expert in crimes against children, Alix is as brilliant as she is quirky and  inexperienced.

While  Alix pushes  on  with  the   investigation,  drawing  lines  between the kidnapping and other cases  from her research and past  work, the police  insist on sticking to the facts. Even though her colleagues are unwilling to consider certain  taboos, Alix ultimately  uncovers a more  frightening possibility.