Parenting from Paris to New York

160 pages | March 2017 | manuscript in English |

  • A humorous, illustrated look at French and American parenting styles  that is also equal  parts love  letter  to two of the greatest cities  in the world: Paris and New  York.

Where French  parents rely heavily on the  word  "No"  and  dictate what  their children  wear,  American  moms  and  dads talk everything out  with their  kids and  let them  choose their own clothes. French children are well-behaved and stylish; American children  are  self-confident  and  creative.  Which approach is better? Both  - and  neither - proclaim  authors Florence Mars and  Pauline Lévêque, two  Parisian  moms  raising  children  in New  York. Beautifully and playfully illustrated by  Lévêque, Say  Bonjour  to  the  Lady  pokes fun  at  the extremes of both styles, making  for an amusing look at parenting today.

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