Derrière la grille

320 pages | Copies in French; galleys in English | Editions Stock | Author photo: ©Alain Schmidt

  • My father often mentions the story of my pet duck Pitou when he's teaching me about human nature. 'If you go and live with other humans, they'll treat you the way the other ducks in the pond treat Pitou. They won't think twice about making mincemeat of you for the stupidest reasons.'

The Only Girl in the World is an inspiring testament to the resilience of the human spirit.
Maude Julien's childhood was defined by the iron grip of her father, who was convinced his daughter was destined for great deeds. His plan was to raise the perfect 'super-human' being.
Her father made her undergo endless horrifying endurance tests.
How did this girl, with her loveless and lonely childhood, emerge so unscathed, so full of the empathy that was absent in her childhood? How did she manage to escape?
The Only Girl in the World is a book like no other, a memoir that reads like fiction but sings with the power of the truth.

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